Open Calls for Business

For entrepreneurs and companies looking for opportunities to upscale their ideas, projects or business, please check the open calls and start now your journey towards commercial success.

Open Calls

INL Incubation Program

INL provides a business acceleration program and incubation services for nanotech-based startups with global ambitions.

Service features:

  • Strong Emphasis on market needs, product and worldwide market fit;
  • Program (up to 10 start-ups) allowing for very personalized services;
  • Provides access to over 30M€ million worth of equipment;
  • Provides access to an international network of mentors (business, financial, legal and communication areas);

The Incubation at INL is oriented to high tech start-up projects incorporating nanotechnology concepts and research activities. The aim is to create optimal conditions for the development of innovative companies based on nanotechnology.

All potential entrepreneurs and early stage companies (up to 3 years) are encouraged to contact INL to evaluate their business idea and get assistance in the development of their proof of concept or prototype.

Apply here.


NOURISH is an initiative promoted by INL (International Iberian Laboratory of Nanotechnology), co-financed by PT 2020 Program under the reference POCI-01-0246-FEDER-026767, with the objective of establishing an interactive marketplace for pilot production facilities and, simultaneously, provide rapid prototyping services in the areas of nanotechnology and advanced materials.

Eligibility Criteria:
Open to companies, startups and entrepreneurs that meet the following criteria:

  • Participants must be established in Portugal.
  • The Project must be implemented in Portugal.
  • The Project proposed must aim a solution evolving nanotechnology based concepts.
  • The Project must have a marketed oriented application in any of the applied research areas of INL: health, food and environment, information and communication technologies and renewable energy.
  • It is highly valued that Projects have demonstrated feasibility at laboratory scale (Technology Readiness level above 4).

Projects selected will be entitled to a prize consisting of the following:

  • Mentoring support on design, technical requirements and legal issues related to product certification and intellectual property rights;
  • A sixty thousand euros (€60,000.00) of in-kind contribution to be used in services of rapid prototyping related with the implementation of the Project and to be executed within a maximum period of six months after its award.
  • Access to the European Pilot Facility Network, benefitting from all the advantages of being part of an integrated marketplace for pilot production facilities and innovation hubs.

Calls are open, apply here!


Ready to Innovate? We are looking for great early-stage entrepreneurs to enter in a 6-month accelerator program.
The FUEL Project encourages the generation of new ideas supporting qualified and creative entrepreneurship, promote design-based thinking, and support pilot validation of the ideas in the national and international entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We are looking for great ideas that combine technology and creativity.
We believe in hi-tech entrepreneurship but what is technology without a design thinking approach?
We are seeking for projects that have a good approach on the technology side but also willing to integrate designers and creative people in the process of starting a great market-oriented project.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Innovate approach
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Team Complementarity
  • Fit to the Program Ecosystem and Network
  • Market potential and Scalability

Acceleration and Prototyping Programme


Work through your business model with experts that will help improve communication and value proposition;

  • Free access to a pool of Entrepreneurs, Artists of Cultural and Creative Industries, mentors, business specialists and Investors, that can support communication, interaction and information relevant to your project;
  • Scale up your project by accessing the start of art facilities and equipment, turning an idea into a product/process.

During the program execution, we will support teams to have access to lab equipment and resources that will help teams to create their products and processes.
The FuEL Room accelerates breakthroughs by:

  • Reducing the time start-ups take to access relevant resources that allow them to validate their concepts
  • Ensuring that start-ups retain their intellectual property
  • Supporting scientific capabilities by using partners available equipment and labs
  • Reducing the costs of prototyping

Visit our website at https://fuelyourambition.eu/ and get ready for the program that will fuel your ideas and projects through a strategic plan that combines acceleration, prototyping and incubation.

Get the chance to have free support in the prototyping phase and free co-working space during six months that will happen in parallel with the acceleration program. Get connected to a network with over 70 entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and executives. Furthermore, each of the selected projects that will manage to have a viable project plan will get the chance to enter in an International Roadshow in United States to pitch their projects.

Call for Projects is now open, apply here and be one of the 8 projects selected to take part in this great adventure.

KET4Clean Production

>> OPEN CALLS for SMEs <<

KET4CleanProduction is the new program tailored to support Manufacturing SMEs to tackle clean production challenges.

The program’s Micro Grants aim to integrate Key Enabling Technologies in small businesses to promote the efficient use of resources, minimise environmental impact and increase business profitability and competitiveness.

Selected SMEs will have access to technology services and facilities for clean production innovation through a premier Network of Technology Centres.

About the Micro Grants:

Scope: Micro Grants are offered for cross-border cooperation projects between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and minimum 2 KET technology centres (KET TCs), which aim to integrate key enabling technologies (KET) to solve clean production challenges.

Call Opening: 1st June 2018

Call Closing: 29th April 2020, 17:00 CET

Cut-off dates: 8 cut-off days at 17:00 CET on 31st July 2018, 31st October 2018, 31st January 2019, 30th April 2019, 31st July 2019, 31st October 2019, 31st January 2020, 30th April 2020

Expected Duration of a micro grant project: up to 6 months

Maximum amount of financial support for each third party: EUR 50.000 (provided as lump sum). A micro grant covers 70% of the total project costs. The remaining 30% have to be provided by the applicant SME.

Applications are now available at https://www.ket4sme.eu/micro-grants

KET4CleanProduction is funded under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action No 777441. Steinbeis 2i GmbH leads the project in partnership with 12 premier KET Technology Centres and 7 partners of the Enterprise Europe Network from 18 different European countries.

Enhance Micro Algae

>> OPEN CALLS for MicroAlgae Projects <<

The EnhanceMicroAlgae, a project funded by Interreg Atlantic Area, aims at contributing to the competitiveness in the microalgae-based industry of the Atlantic Area by fostering the transfer of technological and economic expertise to the commercial sector.

The Consortium offers a wide range of skills and interests, with strong track records for science, production and exploitation of microalgae throughout the Atlantic Area. In the framework of the Project enhaceMicroAlgae will:

  • Undertake a comprehensive analysis of skills, skill gaps and opportunities in the microalgae sector;
  • Develop case studies, supported by Decision Support Tools, to increase economic performance and competitiveness with the transfer of know-how from academic/ technological centres to SMEs;
  • Analyze critical factors of operation from an environmental point of view;
  • Incorporate nanotechnology/new technologies to microalgae sector;
  • Encourage the creation of spin-offs and self-employment.

Fostering the MicroAlgae Spin-offs creation is, precisely, the main goal of this call. Selected projects will be supported at three different levels, through an Acceleration Program, the support in Funding Rounds, and access to a Mentoring&Hosting Program.
Regulation available here

1st Cut-off: 21st September 2018

Publication of the 1st cut-off nominees: 29th September 2018

2nd Cut-off: 30th January 2019

Publication of the 2nd cut-off nominees: 15th February 2019

The selected Projects will benefit from:

  • Acceleration Program: consisting of 5 sessions for Business Model Development; Business Plan; Marketing Plan; Fund Raising formation; Minimum Viable Product (mentoring/coaching included)
  • Premium Coupon: consisting in 5K Euros in technology services to be used in the partners of the Project.
  • Support on “Funding Rounds”: addressing at least one investor group in face-to-face meeting bases along 2019 and beginning of 2020.
  • Mentoring and Hosting program: aiming at providing the startups and spin-offs access to workspace, value-added resources, and services offered by the partner´s network. Spin-Offs and start-ups will be granted access to a network of national and international mentors and scientific/technology specialists integrated by project partners. INL will organise a workshop on IPR and NDA. Program available during EnhanceMicroAlgae Project timeline

Applications are available here!


>> OPEN CALL for Biotech Projects <<

The CT-Bio, a project funded by Interreg POCTEP, aims at improving the competitiveness and consolidate the biotech sector and the life sciences in the cross-border region with a joint roadmap based on collaboration and cooperation between agents and companies to both sides of the border.

The partnership of this project is integrated by University of Santiago de Compostela, Portuguese Association for the BioIndustries, Consortium de la Zona Franca de Vigo, BIOGA – Cluster Tecnolóxico Empresarial das Ciencias da Vida, University of Minho, and the INL.

Please read the regulation, available here

Cut-off: 30th January 2019

Publication of the nominees: 14th February 2019

The selected Projects will benefit from:

  • Acceleration Program: workshop and mentoring in the following areas: Business Model Development; Business Plan; Marketing Plan; Fund Raising formation; Minimum Viable Product; and Internationalization.
  • Access to Biotechnological coaching
  • Support on Raising Funds: addressing at least one investor group in face-to-face meeting bases along 2019.
  • A Marketplace (web): that will include a catalogue/brochure.
  • Access to relevant Incubation Programs: Biotechnological hubs located in North of Portugal and Galicia; CZFV, USC, University of Minho and INL.

Applications are available here!